I can’t believe I just did that.

The other day I had a gentleman stop by for his regular visit. Once he laid on the table he promptly wrenched his head to the left and to the right quickly, essentially seeing just how many snap, crackle, and pops he could get. After he was finished, when he noticed me staring with my jaw wide open, he nervously said, “I… I have no idea why I just did that…”

This is something I encounter often, people who like to “self-adjust”… however rarely do I have the opportunity to check someone who has been under regular care immediately after such an maneuver.

This particular gentleman typically has one subluxation (or bone out of place) in his neck. On this particular occasion he had two. In addition both of these bones made a popping noise upon being adjusted to the proper position. This tells me two things: 1) His self adjusting did not help like he may have thought… since there were more bones out of their proper position. And 2) If the bones that actually needed to move did in fact move, there likely would not have been an audible click upon my adjustment.

So, I ask the question, “Did he cause more harm or good?”

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