The Garden

Over the past few months, my family has been tending to our garden. For anyone who has ever planted a garden (especially from seed) they are well aware of the large commitment that is needed. Countless hours are spent planting, watering, and weeding. Once you finally finish, the monotonous cycle starts all over again until you begin to wonder if it is really going to ever be worth it. “Will this garden ever produce?”

Each of these small things, planting, watering, weeding, and time are all very important to the healthy growth of a plant. Without any of these, the plant will not produce as many vegetables as you had hoped.

Our health is not very different from this. So often the little things – done on a consistent basis – can have the greatest impact in our health. In chiropractic terms – each small adjustment builds on the last to allow your body to function at it’s optimum.

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