The RFC Difference

What is so different about Ruehle Family Chiropractic? These 10 things are just the beginning!

Convenient – After the initial visit, there are no set appointments – meaning you walk in at the time that is most convenient with your schedule. It is simply chiropractic care on YOUR time.

Affordable – Following the first visit every office member is placed on the special fee system known as the Honor Fee System. This is a payment system that allows you to determine what you can afford to pay for your care going forward thereby always making care reasonable for you.

Personable – Each and every time you enter the office you will be greeted warmly.

Efficient – The most efficient use of both our time and yours is to focus on the area that can benefit you the most. This is of course, adjusting the spine back to its proper position. Since this is all that we do, the wait time in between people is kept to a minimum.

Welcoming atmosphere – RFC does not look like your typical doctor’s office. The relaxing atmosphere, use of light, and calming colors will make you feel like you are at HOME.

BLUES music! – From Buddy Guy to Eric Clapton to John Lee Hooker… they can all be heard on a regular basis at RFC. This music adds to the relaxing feel you will come to enjoy.

Accessible – Conveniently located on Gordon Drive next to Hy-Vee makes RFC not only easy to find, but very easy to utilize, making it fit perfectly on your way to or from work.

Manuel Adjustments – This is a question that seems to pop up often, and the answer is YES, manual adjustments are what are typically performed at the office.

Specific – If there is a bone of the spine that has moved out of it’s proper position -our goal is to move that single bone back – not to mobilize the entire spine. As a result, our adjustments tend to be very specific.

Consistency – Consistency is key for making any positive health change a habit. At RFC, we provide consistency from visit to visit. Consistency in your chiropractor. Consistency in your care. Consistency in office hours.

Experience the difference

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