Can You Do It Yourself?

Have you ever watched the any of the many DIY shows that are on TV? Whether it is cooking, construction, gardening, or picking/antiquing – when you attempt to perform the project it rarely comes out as well as when the professional does it? I think the answer is rather simple. The professional has spent countless house (and typically many years) honing his or her craft so they are able to perform at such a high level that it makes it look easy. (When the camera started rolling was not the first time Jamie Oliver picked up a knife.)

While most of these DIY projects you attempt are relatively harmless, some, such as “self adjustment” can not only do little good, but they can actually cause quite a bit of harm. When dealing with your health, it is always safer to check with a qualified professional before attempting any “changes” to your routine (not unlike it is wise to check with a contractor before taking a sledge hammer to that load bearing wall in your living room).

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